From our Mill Valley Golf Course General Manager, Andy Sellers

Attention To Our Wonderful Mill Valley Golfers:

We are thrilled about the progress with our first tee, putting green and patio construction project and expect it to be completed in the next 2-3 weeks.  The new green and patio will be terrific community assets and gathering places for years to come.

This week we will be completing the final stages of the patio construction and there will be some modifications to the standard check in and arrival process at the course on Monday, February 20 and Tuesday February 21.

On Monday February 20:

Arrival, parking and check in will be in the standard areas.

When one approaches the golf shop down the entry ramp they will be directed to a narrow path to enter the golf shop for check in.

After checking in, golfers will progress down the ramp toward #9 green and make their way to the temporary first tee.

Upon conclusion of their round, golfers will exit #9 green and walk up the ramp and across the front of the golf shop on the same narrow path to the ramp to exit the golf course and toward the parking lot.

On Tuesday February 21:

In order for us to remain open while concrete is poured for the patio in front of the golf shop there will be a significant modification to standard operations of the course.

Upon the approach to the golf course on Buena Vista, golfers will be directed to the area between holes #6 and #7 required to park in this area.

The check in process will be remote at a table on #7.  There will only be cash accepted for green fee payment on this day as we will not have access to the golf shop computer system.  Golfers will be issued a receipt for their green fee purchase.

Golfers will start their round by playing #7.  Upon completing this hole, golfers will play holes 8 through 6 in standard order.

After completing hole #6 one’s round will be finished and they will proceed to their cars and exit the golf course.

A reasonable question is, “Hey, why are you doing this right now on the Presidents’ Day Holiday?”  The answer is that due to rain in the forecast Wednesday through the following week it is most effective to pour concrete while the area is dry.  A delay with pouring concrete on Tuesday would push completion of the project back many weeks.

Another reasonable question, “Why not close the course vs. put golfers through this complicated process on Tuesday?”  The answer is that we are committed to providing access to the golf course for our guests and believe that with creativity and flexibility we can do so on Tuesday.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the course this week.  Please contact me with any questions.


Andy Sellers

General Manager Mill Valley Golf Course